Mottafashionplace: a family business

The business began in the 1950s in Lissone with the founder Mariuccia and her husband Martino, selling textiles and household linen door-to-door.

1968: Mariuccia and her sons, Lodovico, Giuseppe and Idelfonso Motta, began retailing designer clothing and accessories, opening their first store "Abbigliamento Motta" in Lissone.

1982: the company expands with a store dedicated to the exclusive sale of footwear and a new point of sale is also inserted in Mariano Comense.

2010: MOTTA FASHION srl is born and the new boutique Mottafashionplace is opened, a particular location, a reference point for shopping in the basin of Monza and Brianza, with iconic brands and the best emerging designers.

2019: the company decides to bring its business also on the web, opening the e-commerce, to allow also online the shopping experience with mottafashionplace.

Both the store and the website are 100% family-owned.

The Boutique

Located in v.le Martiri della Libertà, 226 in Lissone, designed by the No One studio, it has been realized in the headquarters of a historic and prestigious furniture factory and is characterized by essential geometric lines. A black parallelepiped in which the shop windows are set. The showroom is an open space of about one thousand square meters on several levels and is characterized by a sophisticated and elegant, but pleasantly welcoming, furniture. The interiors follow this rigorous image: non-black and non-white are the colors of the walls and furniture for which resin, stone, iron, leather, matt lacquered wood and parapan, a shiny material that has allowed new processes. The large bookcase overlooking the bright and evocative window of the central space is spectacular. Technological feather in the cap is the radiant air conditioning system that uses geothermal energy.

The clothing and footwear collections, aimed at an audience attentive to current events, are among the most important of the Italian and global fashion scene. Prestigious brands of reference, integrated by collections with remarkable stylistic content but with a very interesting quality/price ratio.  The proposals for men and women range from the most evolved sportswear to traditional tailoring. Of course, there is also a tailor-made service for formal wear and men's shirts.

Luxury and discretion, modernity and hospitality are the result of an intervention cared for in every detail that gives prestige and importance to the activity of Mottafashionplace.